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China Southern Airlines Book Flight Contact Number List

Departments/LocationsContact Number
Website sales and services Overseas86 4008695539-1-4
Website sales and services Domestic call95539-1-4
Vacation booking Overseas call86-4006695539-1-5
Vacation booking Domestic call4006695539-1-5
Refunds and rescheduling of domestic air tickets95539-1-1-2
membership service95539-1-6
International ticket refund and reschedule Overseas Call86 4008695539-1-2-2
International ticket refund and reschedule Domestic Call95539-1-2-2
Hotel Reservation Overseas call86-4006695539-1-5
Hotel Reservation Domestic Call4006695539-1-5
Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan International Ticket Service4006695539-1-4-2
Group customers Overseas Call86 4008695539-1-7
Group customers Domestic Call95539-1-7
Domestic flight booking and inquiry Overseas call86 4008695539-1-1
Domestic flight booking and inquiry Domestic call95539-1-1
Complaints and Suggestions Overseas Call86-95539-1-9
Complaints and Suggestions Email Address[email protected]
Complaints and Suggestions Domestic Call95539-1-9
China Southern Airlines Reservations+1-855-631-2654
China Southern Airlines Overseas call86-4008695539-1-4-1
China Southern Airlines Domestic Ticket Service4006695539-1-4-1
China Southern Airlines Customer Service+1-855-631-2654
Additional contact Information Email Address[email protected]
Additional contact Information4006695539-1- #