Prague is the Paris of the 90’s

~ Marion Ross

So where are you planning your next vacation to?

If you are thinking Europe, then we can present to you an endless list of countries and city which you can explore and experience. The list of cities would most definitely feature Prague at the top. This capital city of the Czech Republic is also one of the largest city in the country. Sitting by the bank of the Vltava River, this city takes pride in preserving its century-old architecture and traditions. If this isn’t compelling enough for you to immediately pack your bags and hop onto the next flight to Prague, then let us present to you the list of all the reasons which make Prague one of the topmost tourist destinations:

  • You sure have heard about the Old Town Square, but there’s another symbolic structure which is the reason for the flocking crowd every year at this square, and that is The Astronomical Tower. Aside from fascinating tourist with its mechanical performance, there are several legends associated with this astronomical tower, some being positive, while some downright bone-chilling. Once considered one of the owners of the world, this place still sits as an international treasure.


Old Town Square

  • Have you read Metamorphosis? Then you sure know who Franz Kafka is? But did you know that this famous author has been honored with a unique sculpture (if that’s what it should be called!). Designed by the twisted genius of David Cerny, this structure is several metal pieces glimmering. Words won’t justify how hypnotizing this creation is. You will have to see it to believe it.


  • Read about the Prague Castle and marking it as “must-visit” in the itinerary? We highly recommend visiting the castle, but you should also not miss visiting the Castle Of Heights, The Vysehrad. This historic fort is located merely 3 km southeast of Prague Castle and is abundant with ruins. You will also find a cemetery, church, and park in the Castle. The best part, there is no entry fee.
Prague Castle
Prague Castle
  • Not precisely a travel-worthy reason but it’s good to be well-informed. Prague is the home to the second ugliest building in the world, The Zizkov Tower building. This rocket-like structure, which looks like it’s about to take off is hated by the natives as well as tourists, equally. A transmission tower, the reason as to why it is loathed is it being this strange, rocket-like figure that disrupts the otherwise beautiful skyline of the city.
The Zizkov Tower building
The Zizkov Tower building

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